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1. Introduction


The purpose of this information sheet is to record the data protection and data management principles applied by nuWay Properties Zrt. and the Company's data protection and data management policy.


The nuWay Properties Zrt. undertakes to ensure that all data management related to its activities complies with the requirements set out in this information sheet and the applicable legislation.


The nuWay Properties Zrt. - as a data controller - is committed to protecting the personal data of its customers, partners, and considers it of utmost importance to respect its customers' right to self-determination of information. The nuWay Properties Zrt. treats personal data confidentially and takes all security, technical and organizational measures that guarantee data security.


The purpose of this information is that before recording the data, nuWay Properties Zrt. must always inform the data subject of the purpose, the legal basis, and all important information regarding the data management.


The employees performing data management at the organisational units of nuWay Properties Zrt. are obliged to keep the personal data they learn as a business secret. For this compliance, our employees who are handling personal data or have access to them, have signed a Confidentiality Statement.


Data of the data controller:


Name: nuWay Properties Asset Management Private Limited Liability Company

Headquarters: 9725 Cák, Petőfi utca 26.

Tax number: 25802445-2-18

Company registration number: 18-10-100749


His phone number is +36 70 526 5000

E-mail address: info@


2. Scope of personal data, purpose, legal basis and duration of data management


The CXII of 2011. Act - on the right to information self-determination and freedom of information ( Infotv .) § 20 (1) states that personal data may only be processed for the purpose of exercising a right or fulfilling an obligation. The usage of personal data managed by nuWay Properties Zrt. for private purposes or for purposes other than those contained in the regulations is prohibited. Data management must always comply with the principle of purposefulness, based on this, nuWay Properties Zrt. handles personal data only for a specific purpose, in order to exercise a right and fulfill an obligation, to the minimum extent and for the time necessary to achieve that purpose.


The nuWay Properties Zrt.'s data processing is based on voluntary consent, execution of a contract or legal obligation.


The nuWay Properties Zrt. does not use a data processor.


The data managed by nuWay Properties Zrt. are primarily authorized to be read by our competent internal employees, they are not passed on to third parties, only for legitimate interests (e.g. debt collection), legal obligation, or if the User has given express consent in advance.


The nuWay Properties Zrt. takes into account the provisions of Infotv. and the GDPR (REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL) - manages the following personal data:


2.1. The data processing during the visit of nuWay Properties Zrt.'s website


During visiting our websites certain data of the visitor’s devices (e.g. laptop, PC, phone, tablet) are automatically recorded. Such data is the visitor’s IP address, the time and date of the visit, the pages visited, the website from which the visit took place, the type of browser used, the type of operating system, and the domain name and address of the Internet service provider. The recorded data is automatically logged by the system upon entry and exit without the visitor's special declaration or action. We use this information only in an aggregated and processed (aggregated) form, in order to correct possible errors in our services, to improve their quality, and for statistical purposes. The data will always be used anonymously.


Purpose of data management: Technical development of the IT system, control of the operation of the service, personalization, compilation of statistics and protection of the visitor's rights. In case of abuse, the data can be used to establish the source of the abuse in cooperation with the visitors' Internet service provider and the authorities.


Legal basis for data management: CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commercial services and services related to the information society. Act 13/A. (3) of §


Duration of data management: 30 days from the date of viewing the website.


2.2. Personal data processed for the purpose of one-time information or request for a quote:


Provision of appropriate information for the person concerned. The data manager allows the data subjects to enter the data detailed below to nuWay Properties Zrt from the request information or an offer regarding the provision of services via the website or the central email address. By filling out a form, the visitor can enter the relevant data required for contact. However, the person concerned can only send the data if accepts nuWay Properties Zrt.'s data management rules, otherwise you will not be able to send your message.


Purpose of data management: providing appropriate information, informing interested parties about questions and comments asked during contact, retrievability of information exchanged during contact.


The legal basis for data management: fulfillment of a contract


Duration of data management: 2 months from the date of sending the response letter


2.3. Other data management


We provide information on data management not listed in this information when the data is collected. At the same time, we inform our customers that the court, the prosecutor, the investigative authority, the infringement authority, the public administrative authority, the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority, or other bodies based on the authorization of the law, may be contacted in order to provide information, communicate or transfer data, or make documents available your data controller.

The nuWay Properties Zrt. will only release personal data to the authorities not listed in detail above - if the authority has specified the exact purpose and the scope of the data - to the extent that is absolutely necessary to fulfill the purpose of the request.


3. The method of storing personal data, the security of data management


The nuWay Properties Zrt.'s computer systems and other data storage locations are located at its headquarters and on its relevant cloud servers.


The nuWay Properties Zrt. chooses and operates the IT tools used for the management of personal data in the course of providing the service in such a way that the managed data:


  • accessible only to authorized persons;

  • its authenticity and authentication are ensured;

  • its invariance can be verified;

  • be protected against unauthorized access.


The nuWay Properties Zrt. protects the data with appropriate measures, especially against unauthorized access, alteration, transmission, disclosure, deletion or destruction, as well as against accidental destruction, damage, and becoming inaccessible due to changes in the technology used.

The nuWay Properties Zrt. takes into account the ever-changing development of technology and ensures the protection of the security of data management with technical, organizational and organizational measures that provide a level of protection corresponding to the risks associated with data management.

At the same time, we inform those concerned that electronic messages transmitted on the Internet, regardless of the protocol (e-mail, web, ftp, etc.), are vulnerable to network threats that lead to unfair activity, contract disputes, or the disclosure or modification of information. nuWay must be protected against such threats Properties Zrt. takes all the necessary precautions.


4. Rights of data subjects


  • Your right of access

The data subject has the right to receive feedback from the data controller as to whether his personal data is being processed, and if such data processing is underway, he is entitled to access the personal data and the information listed in the regulation.


  • Right to rectification

The data subject has the right to request that the data controller correct inaccurate personal data relating to him without undue delay. Taking into account the purpose of the data management, the data subject is entitled to request the completion of incomplete personal data, among other things, by means of a supplementary statement.


  • The right to erasure

The data subject has the right to request that the data controller delete the personal data concerning him without undue delay, and the data controller is obliged to delete the personal data concerning the data subject without undue delay under certain conditions.


  • The right to be cancelled

If the data controller has disclosed the personal data and is obliged to delete it, taking into account the available technology and the costs of the implementation, it will take the reasonably expected steps - including technical measures - in order to inform the data controllers handling the data that the data subject has requested from them the said deleting links to personal data or copies or duplicates of these personal data.


  • Right to restriction of data processing

The data subject has the right to request that the data controller restricts data processing if one of the following conditions is met:


  • the data subject disputes the accuracy of the personal data, in which case the limitation applies to the period that allows the data controller to check the accuracy of the personal data;

  • the data processing is illegal and the data subject opposes the deletion of the data and instead requests the restriction of its use;

  • the data controller no longer needs the personal data for the purpose of data management, but the data subject requires them to present, enforce or defend legal claims;

  • the data subject objected to data processing; in this case, the restriction applies to the period until it is determined whether the legitimate reasons of the data controller take precedence over the legitimate reasons of the data subject.


  • The right to data portability

The data subject has the right to receive the personal data concerning him/her provided to a data controller in a segmented, widely used, machine-readable format, and is also entitled to transmit this data to another data controller without being hindered by the data controller whose provided personal data to you.


  • The right to protest

takes place in the legitimate interest of the data controller or because of his public authority .


5. Request for information


Infotv . _ pursuant to which the data subject may request information on the management of his personal data, as well as request the correction of his personal data or, with the exception of mandatory data processing, its deletion or blocking in the manner indicated at the time of data collection or at the other contact details indicated by the data controller.


At the request of the data subject, nuWay Properties Zrt. provides information on the source, purpose, legal basis and duration of the data management, as well as on the legal basis and recipient in the case of data transmission.


The data controller shall provide the information in a form that is understandable to the public as soon as possible after the submission of the request, but no later than one month - at the request of the data subject in writing. If necessary, taking into account the complexity of the application and the number of applications, this deadline can be extended by an additional 2 (two) months, which will be reported in the one-month administrative deadline

informs the person concerned internally. An exception is the case if the request is clearly unfounded or - especially due to its repetitive nature - excessive.


The information is free of charge - if the information requester has not yet submitted an information request for the same data set to the data controller in the current year - in other cases, nuWay Properties Zrt. can determine reimbursement.


6. Protest


If the data subject objects to the handling of his personal data, his personal data will be deleted within 14 working days from the receipt of his objection. An exception is the case when the data processing is justified by compelling legitimate reasons, including the public interest or the case when the data processing is necessary for the submission, enforcement or defense of legal claims.


7. Cookies


Cookies are small files stored by the Internet browser that store information based on the websites opened (e.g. language used, browser type, operating system, time of visits, viewed content, etc. )

Cookies help to adapt websites to the needs of visitors . The use of cookies enables more personalized content to be displayed. From this data, it is possible to infer the number of visitors to the page, and the specific machines can be inferred, personal data is not used. The data will only be used anonymously.


On all pages of nuWay Properties Zrt., we use the essential type of cookie, which cookies are for guarantee the proper functioning of the website , and which, for example, indicate malfunctions of the page. These cookies do not collect data that can be used for marketing purposes.


Analytics system of Google Inc. ("Google") to analyse its visits. If you want to manage the cookie settings or disable the function, you can do it on your own IT device in your browser. Depending on the browser's toolbar, the location of the cookies / tracking functions can be found, but in general, you can set which tracking functions you enable or disable on your IT device under the Settings under the Settings under the Data protection settings.


8. Legal remedies


Legal remedies and complaints can be made at the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority:


National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority

Headquarters: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C

Mailing address: 1530 Budapest, Pf. 5

Phone: +36 1 391 1400

Fax: +36 1 391 1410


E-mail :



9. Other provisions


The temporal validity of this data management policy lasts from February 25, 2023 until its withdrawal. The nuWay Properties Zrt. reserves the right to update this data management information at all times. It notifies its customers about the changes by publishing them on the website. If you have any questions related to the information, please write to us at and our staff will answer them.

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